The idea is to give a small portion of each purchase sold here, directly back to the animal rescues missions undertaken by World Animal Protection.
Thank you for supporting this initiative by buying and selling products from our project.

A lot of people don’t believe that ethics and business mix, we are more than pleased that most of our customers would oppose this idea and we try hard to ensure our suppliers are like minded.

There are several areas of concern (which we get asked about regularly) being:

1. Testing on animals.

2. Child labour in developing nations.

3. Fair Trade.

4. Ecological, recyclable and sustainable products.

1. Testing on animals
We are passionate about gifts, but much more about animals. We condemn any act of cruelty, for that reason:

No Product we stock has been tested on animals. However it is virtually impossible for any company to claim that all the basic ingredients that go in to a product have never* been tested on animals. It is simply impossible to make such a claim.
What we can state however is that as far as possible we use natural, pure ingredients, we use only reputable suppliers who hold similar principles to ourselves, and who endeavour to produce entirely cruelty free product.
* It is probably accurate that no basic ingredient has been tested on animals since 1967.

2. Child labour in developing nations
We always do our best to ascertain whether a company is likely to be using child labour as cheap or slave labour and steer well clear.

3.Fair Trade
Our Supplier spends up to six months a year traveling in India, Indonesia, Nepal and China seeking out new product lines and trying to fulfill our customers wish lists.

They visit suppliers not only to do deals but also to see for themselves how well staff and subcontractors are treated.

Be aware that some importers will work outside this system buying as if for the domestic market but exporting, in order to boost profits or compete unfairly with other importers.

4. Ecological, Recyclable and sustainable products
We have a wide range of products, so it would be impossible to have only organic and recycled products, but we always give more value to these when it comes to introducing new products. We always seek, as a minimum, that raw materials are sustainable.

We are committed to sustainability in the giftware and cosmetic market. We pride ourselves in our ethical manufacturer and importer status. Dealing only with members of RSPO and POIG, we want to raise awareness of good palm oil among our customers and consumers so that they can make more informed purchase choices.