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How to see the positives in uncertain times?

I found this quote today in the mist of the Lock down due to the spread of  Coronavirus and it made me smile.
I thought to myself  ‘What if people start to think about the impact their lifestyle has on our current climate’.  Or even better…’What if they start caring’?
With the Australian bush fires only weeks ago and now the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s clear for all to see that changes need to be made.
We can all live a more sustainable and eco friendly life if we choose to support it and educate each other on it’s benefits.
That is what spurred me on to plough full steam ahead with Anything Ethical. The principle core values being that we only sell ethically sourced products and promote Eco friendly living as well as supporting animal welfare projects. You won’t often find someone who is in love with mother nature that is not an over enthusiastic animal lover along with it. It comes hand in hand.
We are in a different kind of battle, one we have never seen before -A battle on climate change…!

As awful as the coronavirus has been, perhaps there is a lesson we can learn from it.

After all there is no planet B!

20/03/2020 -Christine Collins